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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 21/30

Kaylee and I were up early this morning and took a walk down to the pond. We met a duck on the path that winds around the water and he wasn't inclined to move, so I gave him a wide berth and perused the bushes he was guarding until I found his mate neck high in the tall gold grass.  Such bravery and dedication. Of course he was bigger than Kaylee, but still!

Back home I worked a bit in the back making sure there was fresh water for the day and planted our grocery store basil plant; I hope I didn't kill it.

A is up and eating Berries while I type, I've already had mine for breakfast, and as usual had my first Burn with my AIO this morning. I'm happy with the progress we made out front yesterday, potting several flowers and cleaning up dead leaves. Very pretty and Spring like out there now. 

Today I need to work in the back and make it dog-safe for company; mostly just finish up the foxtails and hose off the patios.I am happiest when I am on my feet puttering, able to do something where I can see a difference. I can hardly wait until the back yard is someplace we can go enjoy a meal, or read a book, without looking around thinking about everything that needs to be done.

A wiggling four year old is not conducive to typing, so it's back to the real world. The only agenda for today is working out back, following the CBS program, and doggie meet & greet later this afternoon.  Yesterday was a great Saturday, and I'm expecting today to be equally fine - and cooler!

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