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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 4/30 or 45/100

Last night I kept pulling at my top and felt so uncomfortable I finally just went and put my pajamas on to relax. This morning dressing in a hurry I pulled on the same sportstop I wear instead of a traditional bra and realized why it had been making me so crazy; it's way too big and keeps creeping up my bosom!  So last night not realizing what was going on I kept pulling it down; it was Friday night after a long week, what can I say. But this morning I will go through my clothes and discard a couple of things that are floating on me - time for them to go! I'm not packing them away, they are going straight into either the garbage or the donation bag.

There, that's better, no more slippage with this one. Anyway, as much as I want to putter in the yard I need to work on my taxes today. And help with our visitor. S has come to visit A and two little girls in the house will be fun but also demand attention; I am more than willing to help. Speaking of which, time to finish getting dressed and join the fray.

There will be swimming and a popsicle party later to distract them, but this morning they are happy playing dress up as they chatter away in A's room (next to mine) and it's just lovely.

There is half a honeydew (small) calling from the fridge and hot water is on to make some spicy chai tea. I love Saturday mornings.

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