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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 5/30 or 46/100

One of the reasons I try to write everyday is to stay focused, or to refocus as the case may be. A lifetime of habit can be hard to overcome, and I was raised to be helpful to others, and my natural inclination is to look outside myself first. And that is where my focus has strayed recently - away from myself. And letting outside stress influence decisions. Not Good!  Yesterday's stress eating consisted of:

Peanut Butter (natural) and jam (all fruit) sandwich on Country White Bread (yikes)
Tater Tots with Ketchup (at least no HFCS there)
Leftover buttered toast and jam that A didn't finish (half a slice?)
Half an artichoke with homemade aioli (mayo made with olive oil)
Spoonful of peanut butter (palm oil & sugar)

I only took two Burns yesterday and because I had been snacking I skipped my shake. So dumb. It should be so simple - follow the program - If I had just done that I could have resisted the snacking. The products are the needed support - just take the products! If I had made the shake at lunch the pea protein would have alleviated the desire to snack. If I had taken my 3rd Burn I would have stayed busy instead of disappearing into the tv.

Yesterday did have some highlights - I cleaned out the big redwood doghouse so it can be used as a playhouse, and I went swimming for the first time in more years than I can remember. I want to keep doing this, it felt so good! The pool is only a couple of blocks away, and summer is around the corner. I will do this!

Time to focus on me! In a positive way. Some of the others following the plan are using a chart to check off each day so they are sure to use all the products when they should. I think I need to spend a little time this morning to print one out for the week. I love the results I have achieved so far, I want to see more - what I feel when I am successful is more important by far than the spikes of negative stress I try to push down with food. 

The good will overcome; I will use all my CBS products today to make sure of that!

Here is my morning's work. I have printed the chart and will post it on the fridge as soon as I finish up here. Then the girls are going to the movies and I am working on taxes until lunch. Looking at the chart will remind me it's a shake and not a salad for lunch since it's a Burn day. My goal is to check off everything for 26 days, to use the CBS products, feel great, and just follow the program.

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