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Friday, June 21, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 10/30 or 51/100

I ran across this quote today from A Link I ran across on the site that I like so much.

“When we ‘use our willpower’ toward a goal, we can quickly feel guilty and embarrassed if we start to fall short. If, on the other hand, we keep an open mind about what we might accomplish, we feel like any positive moves we make are getting us ahead of expectations and thus are “wins.”
This makes the process of doing things better (diet, exercise, saving money) a source of pride. We are  ’getting ahead…better than we thought.’ ”
There is much truth in those words, and explains why I shouldn't try so hard to be perfect. I just need to be 'better than I was' and keep going forward in a positive manner. All the small victories will add up faster if I can stop 'falling into the depths of despair' over all the small failures. Or rather, perceived failures. I would like to think that I am not just what I eat, or what I feel, but I know there is truth in both statements. I will keep striving to do better on both counts. Tomorrow will be a green smoothie for breakfast, Shape shake for lunch, and a chopped salad with beans for dinner. I will move and drink my water. I will have small victories all day to celebrate and this will propel me to another good day on Sunday.
I will keep fighting for what I want, because a week off track does not a wreck make! It was just a little pit stop and I apparently needed to refuel and change the tires. It's only a setback if I don't get back on the track. So what if I am lapped  by others, the point is to finish the race. 
OMG, my writing has been relegated to quotes and whatever that was. Analogies? I need a beer. Tomorrow I will finish my taxes, take Kaylee for a walk, work in the back yard, do my laundry, and maybe even go to the movies by myself since H is unavailable Saturday and I am unavailable Sunday. 
I have done great things on the first 50 days of the Orenda CBS program, and the plan is to keep going for the next 49 days doing the best I can each day. They don't have to be perfect, they just have to be positive.
"Star light, star bright .... hey, why did that wishing star move?"  lol, granddaughters are priceless; I am so blessed to have one ♥.

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