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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 2/30 or 43/100

Back to work today, back on plan, and feeling good. Just one small glitch, it was supposed to be a Clean day and I treated it like a Burn day. So tomorrow will be my Clean day this week. I don't think the difference of a day will matter much, and it felt good to fill up on veggies at dinner. I made a wonderful salad of kale, romaine, cauliflower, a tiny bit of carrot, green onions & white beans . Which reminds me of Dr. Fuhrman and his guidelines. Gomes, as in combs but with a G as he likes to say.

Beans & Berries

These are the foods packed with micro nutrients that feed our Immune system and keep our bodies regenerating healthy cells. The ones that are linked to reversing disease & satisfying appetites. (I can just see the antioxidants flooding my body and eradicating the free radicals; visualization is a powerful tool.)  Anyway, these are the guidelines I will try to remember during this next set of 30 days now that my body has adjusted to eating plants again and I can focus on streamlining in some extra nutrition.  Which brings me around to my salad dressing. I plucked one small orange from the tree and blended it up with some ACV and a handful of raw cashews. But wait, nuts aren't on the program yet! But I can rationalize anything.  I believe my handful of nuts is healthier than the 1T of olive oil allowed so in my humble opinion, it's all good. Next time I want a chopped salad instead of just chomping away on raw veggies or having some bean soup I'll use seeds instead of nuts to blend up my dressing, but the recipe will stay the same. 1T or ounce of Seeds for the fat, a serving of fresh fruit, and about 1T of vinegar. The combinations are endless. And eating a healthy fat with a salad facilitates the ability to absorb nutrients, another plus.

Pecan Raspberry, Walnut Apple, Sesame ginger, sunflower peach...all divine, healthy, and delicious. And changing up the type of vinegar adds spice and variety too.

R is working late so I have A for a bit. She had a fruit salad for snack (blackberries, apple & banana) and is now working her way through left over spanish rice, beans and a steak flauta all covered with a sprinkling of melted cheese. Yes, it makes me a little nuts, but I'm stuffed and she is eating. A win win in my book! Or it was until she ran out of cheese...big sigh, well, we'll see what happens.

So a Clean day tomorrow, and minimal dishes to do which is always a plus, and feeling good to be back on track.

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