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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 10/14

I'm enjoying my decaf and cream in the mornings, not tempted to add sugar, but still struggling a little in the afternoons. Big crunchy salads for lunch and my rice\veggie dish for dinner make me feel like I am finally getting enough servings of healthy foods during each day. Plus I am back to traveling with an apple in my bag so I have something to eat on the way home, removing the impulse to stop.

My urges to eat are a bit less I think, and I'm snacking less in the evenings.

I had A tonight and we did some reading together and then threw her in the shower; lord that child can get filthy - a testament to how much fun she has for sure.

Thank heavens tomorrow is the weekend again already, I am exhausted. I think I need to juice for a day; green and spicy sounds really good right now. Maybe Saturday; I can pick up cucumbers and ginger at the local produce stand tomorrow. Yes, good idea!

Time for bed, I can't stand here a minute longer.

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