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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 5/14

The couple of times I briefly woke in the night to turn over I could hear the rain and wind outside. The roses will be happy as I haven't been watering them this year, and the trees. I need to get on a tree watering schedule, I don't want to lose them in the drought.

I have a baptism to attend and a keepsake to purchase this morning, so no Saturday chores for a change; I can't wash my hair and do laundry in the same day or my back pinches. I wonder if my coffee is ready, I am not yet awake and this blathering is irritating me.

Sins of the day:
Cake at the Baptismal lunch
Nachos for dinner
Apple pie for dessert

Ugh. I want to vacuum out my body. Instead I will drink water and go to bed and start over tomorrow.

I will say it was a nice day, and I did enjoy the Catholic Baptism; prayer and ritual do have their power and place in our lives in my humble opinion.

Heading to bed for the crash.

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