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Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Ham for Lentil Soup

It's Monday morning, and like any other day it begs for new beginnings and fresh attitudes and chances galore. I think it is time to play the Pollyanna game, looking only for silver linings and finding the positive side of everything. Every little thing. That being said I am trying to talk myself into going into the kitchen and making a green smoothie. I would welcome the energy, my body ready to soak up the nutrients it would provide, any nutrient at all, any single little one. But my brain is screaming against the cold and dark of the kitchen and repelled by how loud the blender would be shattering the quiet of the predawn.

Maybe if I blow dry my hair first the noise will convince me at some subconscious level that the additional disturbance of the blender wouldn't be so shocking. Yes, I'll try that.

While I didn't make a smoothie for breakfast, I did remember a previous idea of making my smoothies for dinner so that is my new intention.  I don't feel like adding a food log to my daily blog just now, so instead I will just mention all of the good things I eat to reinforce the positive.

Lunch was leftover salad; I made enough for lunch yesterday to carry over for a couple of meals. Lots of baby lettuces and spinach, green onions, snap peas and cabbage. For dressing I thinned out the coleslaw dressing from Easter dinner with rice vinegar and celery seeds. It covers nicely without having to use a lot. Delicious, and I am hoping all of the pea protein will hold me through the day since I forgot to add my seeds. Wait, those can be my snack on the way home. That works.

I am happy with my feet today, and contemplating walking to the bank instead of driving. Losing the Crocs turns out to be a wonderful idea. I almost said Fabulous, which reminded me of the BBC series I use to love watching; something to google later to see if anything is going on these days from that crazily creative woman.

Home now, and lentil soup is in the works - just waiting for the lentils to finish cooking. At least it is a dish full of veggies and some greens. (No, I do not think ham is healthy, but it is here and needs to be used and at times I have a thrifty gene that needs to be satisfied.)

Saute one diced medium yellow onion in red palm oil until soft and golden red
    (This takes about 20 minutes, then stir in about 1T of magic mushroom mix until coated)
In the meantime:
1. Begin defrosting ham stock leftover from Easter - about 3 cups
2. dice and set aside
     2C carrot
     2C bok choy, including greens
    1/4 celery root
     2C left over ham

Once onions are ready add ham stock, plus one  box of Imagine's low sodium No-Chicken stock
Bring to a boil, then add 2C organic green lentils and cook covered until lentils are tender (20-30min). Add diced veggies and if necessary enough water so vegetables are 'loose'. Bring back to a boil and cook covered until tender, about 10-15 minutes depending on the size of your dice.

Add Ham, and water to desired consistency. (This makes a good stoup, stew or soup.) Turn heat down to simmer and let the ham heat through, about another ten minutes. If your are keeping it thick, stand and stir occasionally. If making soup cover, set the timer, and go about your business.

DO NOT SALT. Taste first, ham stock is salty. Add freshly ground pepper.

I'll take half of this next door, I haven't done anything to help with baby V who is actually no longer a baby but a rug rat.

I'm glad it's Monday prevening and there is softball practice and the house will be quiet. The wind is cooling down the house, the leaves of the eucalyptus are singing to me through my window, and I am thankful for the bounty in my life; family to love, food to cook, and our little house with cozy beds - each to their own for collapsing into at days end.


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