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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 6/14

Forgot to post. Let's see...made a wonderful dirty rice dish for weekday meals using caramelized onions and brown rice. Then I tossed in a whole tray of diced and roasted veggies; celery heart, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and orange bell pepper. Light and flavorful and low sodium. I used the modified magic mushroom mix to season the dish - the first time I have used it 'raw' - and it worked very nicely.

It was a kicked back day, though I did get laundry and dishes done between movies, and thank heavens M finally finished the pie. I did have one more small bowl, but it wasn't much.

That was about it, although there was a moment outside with the breeze against my face that reminded me I do like being here.

Spring is fighting for it's place in the year, as Summer keeps trying to muscle it's way in. I think of those as feminine seasons while Fall and Winter seem masculine. Having been raised on the White Witch who reigned in Winter I am not sure why. Anyway, 40's in the morning and 80's in the afternoon; I'm sure many places in the country (world) would love this, and I'm not really complaining- mostly just commenting on the global temps going wackadoodle.

Tired all day again, but tomorrow is a work day and I will be more engaged and active.

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