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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Cometh

The girls are in the bathroom curling and primping for their annual Easter brunch date with close friends; it's so fun to listen to their chatter. When they are perfection I will snap a pic of A in her easter dress and hat for for my Mom. I'm so thankful they have extended family to celebrate with, and then I get them for our traditional easter dinner this evening. 

I wish I had access in the garage to use my grandmother's rose dishes, but everything is jam packed out there. The connection to relatives who have passed is always stronger during the holidays, and they are often on my mind as I cook and clean and remember childhood holidays with my first family. Grandmother Henrietta and Grandpa Guy, Mommer and Podder, Mom, Dad, R and D, Aunt Beth. These were the people most important to me, and friends and family radiated out from there. Uncles Guy and John, Aunts Cecilia and Candy, cousins M, C, N, H and E. Those gone and those who remain that I love still, and miss, and sometimes weep for wishing I were closer and not such a recluse. But I am what I am....and all that.

Dinner was lovely; flowers, a pretty little flower candle,Mommer's flatware and fish plates.  Earlier in the day I had sliced strawberries and lightly sugared them to sweat and make delicious syrup. On top of angel food cake and under home made whipped cream they were a wonderful dessert.

Hot tea, a family game of Monopoly Jr. and finally John Carter of Mars a fitting diversion to finish off the day. (I'm not a purist, the movie works for me.) I once again find myself feeling gratitude for all of the blessings in my life, for the people.

And back to work tomorrow, and large bag of fresh spinach in the fridge begging to be used for green smoothies and dirty potatoes, and salads. I am ready to comply - easy when one is full of ham and treats.
breakfast: Egg on one slice of toasted ciabatta, decaf
lunch: fruit, flour tortilla with PB
Dinner: Honey spiral ham, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, brown bread, baked beans

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