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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not much

Yikes, I missed another day; they are disappearing more quickly than I can record the mundane events that have transpired.

Highlights from yesterday:
   We did not have pie at work
    A and I played Clue while listening to Family Fued
This morning it's an organic vegan breakfast of homemade new potato fries. Cooked in one of Mommer's cast iron pots they are delicious. I was going to make a hash with bok choy and spinach but A requested fries, so there you have it; we are putty in her fingers.

My current audio book is full of magic and eccentric characters, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and it will soon be a seven part series on BBC; something to look forward to watching this year. Because obviously I do not currently watch enough tv.

What a lazy day. The most pressing chores were taken care of, but not much else. Well, A and I did re-pot the cherry tomatoes and get the sage planted.

Yawn. Good Grief. Tired of being tired.

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