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Monday, April 27, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 7/14

Half way through this little mini sugar experiment. I think I was expecting more of a change in my energy, but it has decreased how many times a day I think about eating something. I've noticed a new bad habit of having something just before bed - something bad like a salami sandwich. I know I am overcompensating for the sugar but still it's frustrating that I can't yet stop the thought from becoming an action.

I had a yummy big chopped salad for lunch and a baked potato for dinner - same as yesterday - and so far tonight no eating. The challenge is once everyone goes to bed. I am too old to be sneaking food, and while I am not doing that exactly it has always been a problem that I eat too much when alone. Remember the story when I was just little, maybe ten or eleven, and creeping up the stairs to the kitchen to make a midnight snack. My food challenges started early, and yes, it was about the same time as the abuse began, but I can't go there. Probably ever.

Tomorrow's challenge is the big breakfast scheduled at work for a maternity leave party. There will be waffles and fruit, a quiche and a frittata, bacon and chicken sausages, butter, fruit only jam and real maple syrup and whipped raw honey. I think waffles with fruit will be the ticket. And a slice of bacon, I don't think I have it in me to say no to the pig.

I'm still enjoying the coconut cream in my coffee, but I read the label and there are a couple of questionable ingredients which was disappointing. I'm thinking the next stop after sugar are eliminating the processed fats anyway so it is probably a short lived transitional habit.

Tired again this evening, and back on the couch after starting dinner for the kids. I know it's the allergy fight, and I am grateful I am just tired and not coughing my lungs up, but dog I feel like a slug.

Positive note: I walked to the store twice today. Once to pick up salad fixings and once to retrace my steps and find my reading glasses, which I did! I am so thankful to the person who say them and set them aside where they wouldn't be trampled yet close so I would spot them. Whoever you are, you rock!

Time to refill the water and head to bed. Sweet Dreams fellow beans.

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