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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A morning rant, an evening burrito

At work and still fuming from yesterday's happenstance. Poor J had to hear my rambling vent which segued into other challenges we face as a department here in nine to five land. She is a blessing in my life, truly.

I was up in time this morning to move my beans from the crock pot to the fridge and I'm anticipating a yummy dinner this evening. I'll grab some kind of thin wrap from Sprouts at lunch and some vine ripened tomatoes, I have lettuce and cilantro, onions and an orange pepper already at home; these will make a delicious wrap with the beans once I have blended and cooked them down to the right consistency. Well worth the effort.

And then leaving work on another sour note. What the What? Deep breath. Don't waste energy on the absurd nature of others. Just don't. "Do what's right, do your best, treat others as you wish they would treat you." Something like that, from the football coach. Damn, now I have to google. Lou Holtz, and I was close. Words to live by, as were many others he shared.

Got home and went straight to work on the beans, first blending then stirring to keep the popping down. It took an hour, constant stirring the first half on medium heat then less stirring at a lower heat for another half or forty five while I washed pans from yesterday and wiped up all the splatters. Finally having the right consistency I sprinkled some jack cheese on a flour tortilla and warmed it in the microwave. Layering on beans, fresh avocado & green cabbage I had thinly sliced, a dollop of sr cream and a handful of fresh cilantro leaves and I was done; I had an awesome dinner. R & M snacked on my lovely bean mixture while making their dinner; we don't often share food too much so that was nice. And I think Nachos this Saturday is a go.

Time for bed, again. Hopefully this time to sleep.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: mixed veggies heated and tossed with a toasted Qrunch pattie (quinoa) and a spoonful of ragin' jalapeno jelly. One of my favorite 'fast food' lunches that I had forgotten about.
Snack: two raw carrots on the way home
Dinner: Homemade bean burrito
Dessert: banana at 10:30 when I tired of tossing and turning.

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