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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 2/14

1:50pm Just a quick afternoon note; for the first time in ages I feel the urge to have some...Chocolate! Is this because I am not getting my regular dose of sugar in other ways?  Ever since January when I made the decision to keep my fingers out of the candy bowl I have not been tempted. And now that I have decided to cut out sugar all of a sudden I can hear the siren call of the chocolate bars at the other end of the office. I will not go have one. I ate a banana instead. But it's making me a tiny bit grumpy! Okay, what was the advice? Don't fight it, don't fuel the fire, accept the feeling, know that it's okay to feel this way and that it will pass, and just keep busy at my desk. Deep breath. I so want to succeed here, I don't think I can face another failed challenge just at this moment.

From Holly's Blog:

I will not cave, I want the calm.

I made it out of the office, and through the evening too, without any refined sugar. I have had three pieces of fruit today, which is normal and healthy, and had an antioxidant mix of nuts and dried fruit for a snack a while ago because I was hungry. I'm not used to feeling hunger - obviously I eat too much on a regular basis or I wouldn't have weight problems - but it was just a small serving and I didn't go back for seconds.

The really super weird thing that I noticed tonight changing into my jammies (no lock on the door and a six year old that may invade my privacy at any given moment) is that I stink. I mean, I sat at a desk for hours, did some light shopping after work, and then watched tv with the Fam. Sweat? Stink? Gotta google....and yep, it's all over the place, this stinky business. I know about detoxing because of my Orenda relationship, but I have never smelled like this before -it's a 'not me' musty odor and makes me think that maybe sugar really was\is poison to me. It's only been two days, so I'm a little surprised, but I guess it means I really am detoxing. Enough grossness.

I need to stop by the store for more bananas in the morning, that was a life saver today. Two down twelve to go.

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