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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bait and Switch

I was surprised to see I missed posting yesterday, I can only guess that there was nothing noteworthy, I was tired, and preoccupied with daily life. I know A had softball practice and I made burgers for the family. That entailed two trips to different stores for the right ingredients so that took up some time. In the evening A and I played Yahtzee, and  after she went to bed I caught up on some recorded tv shows.

Speaking of which, I was so sorry to see Joey leave American Idol, she performed just beautifully. I have a suspicion she will be picked up by some label to do a record anyway.

Tonight I baked a Costco pizza for the kids who are at a softball game with A. I feel totally - cheated- upon discovering that this is NOT the same pizza they cook and sell in the stores. Same taste on top, but totally different crust, more akin to a frozen pizza than the chewy delicious fare you get when you purchase it already cooked. Bait and Switch I'm telling ya~I won't do that again.

Movement: shopping, dog messes removed, lawn mowed, garbage taken out, on the floor to watch a little tv, core exercises balancing A as she crawled over me while we chatted with her Mother about her day at school. Hey, it all counts! And she's sixty pounds now, no small feat to balance her weight. Six and Sixty, we are quite the pair. Have I mentioned that her foot is exactly as long as my hand from palm to fingertips?

TV remains my nightly refuge, and collapsing into bed my favorite feeling. I do remember Summer mornings when I was anxious to be up and puttering in the back yard before work, and glad of the light after work to do a bit more. How I took that energy for granted. I want it back.

A week from Saturday we go to a Christening for little V next door and I have a new lace blouse to wear. It barely fits; I must watch what I eat for the coming week so I am not bloated and unhappy when it is time to dress for the occasion. Green smoothie for dinner tomorrow? Yes. Tomorrow.

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