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Friday, April 24, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 4/14

Let's talk pie. Twelve inches of sugared crust, ooey gooey rich syrupy apple pie from Costco. Because there is one sitting in the kitchen and I have not had any. Nor will I. While the idea of pie is very appealing, it's not as exciting as my sugar detox experiment. It may be hard in the middle of the night to say no to pie. And it may be hard again in the morning, saying no to cold pie and hot coffee. Sigh. But I'm not going to stress about it. If it happens that I am tempted I will just google sugar detox and read instead. Or watch tv. Or write. Or anything really except eat pie.

I had a big green salad for lunch. Slicing up snap peas in my salads is really working for me. They have a satisfying crunch and curb my hunger in the same way beans do.

Four days without sugar in my coffee, and only a couple of small slip ups (HFCS in two slices of whole wheat bread and a small cajun fries from Popeyes. Wait. Google. OMG zero grams of sugar. Whoo eee. Of course they are not good for me but at least there was no sugar.) Only ten days to go, I'm almost a third of the way to my first goal. Then I'll see if I can do another week. And another. It would be awesome to go a year, but if that is what happens it will also follow that I will find a healthy way to make apple pie. I am sure there are recipes out there, I am not alone in this.

My sleep is still disrupted, but that is just business as usual; I either sleep hard or in fits. And I am still a bit of a stinky girl, but not as bad. Plus I am drinking more water. Which is weird because I thought I would be more thirsty having to slush out excess sugar, but the reality is that maybe my immune system is working better because it's not as inflamed and I'm working on getting other items out of my system. Bottom line, I am thirsty for pure clean water and drinking more of it.

So after reading what I had written I discovered that my ideas were all over the place, non sequiturs galore so to say, and I had to drag and drop sections of text putting similar topics together so as to limit the meandering feel of the paragraphs.

Tired and ready to lay these old bones down. While I am not anxious to have my life speed by, I am glad the week is over and that there is the weekend ahead. Time to kiss A and cuddle with K.

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