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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Katy Says - Interviews

I stayed up late last night, past 11:30, listening to an interview Katy did talking about her views on movement. And today I thought about all of the little things I am doing that she mentioned: sitting on the floor instead of the couch while watching tv (sometimes), moving around at my standing computer desk and trying to stay dynamic, standing up for as long as I can after spending so much of my day in a chair, breaking up my work day so I am not glued in my chair for long stretches, wearing more 'natural' flat soled shoes with room in the toe box for toe flexing, walking barefoot over uneven terrain when I can, getting up and down off of the floor more often.

I may not have made huge strides, but I am on the right path towards better alignment and physical health. At some subconscious level I am trying to prepare my body for when I do start losing weight, I know that one day everything will come together and start making sense and I will be a better version of myself than I am now. I just know it.

 And since I like sharing posts by Katy, here is another interview with Soft Star Shoes this time that she shared today. Check it out at Katy Says.

Breakfastdecaf, sausage muffin
Lunch: Spinach gorgonzola salad at Prima Vera
Early Dinner: Han and cheese on Sheepherder's bread
Snack: spring greens juice

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