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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coconut Cream and Raw Honey

Both mornings this weekend I have sweetened my decaf with coconut cream and raw honey. Smooth and delicious, not clingingly sweet but delightful in that there is no bitterness left in the coffee, just the rich roast of the beans and the heaviness of the cream. Warming the cream and honey together in the microwave so they combine and can be stirred into my cup, the coffee stays hot. I need not say more.

We are having something like beach weather these days, cold and grey in the morning, sunny and hot in the afternoon, yet without the salt of the ocean there is no magic for me in the combination compelling me to go outside. More me than the weather I am sure, but discouraging as I dream of wanting to go outside. My body may embrace the lifestyle of a hermit, but my spirit does not. The small bits of time spent in the backyard are so important to me; I wish I were motivated to do more out there.

And the whining begins, I'm gone. And I'm back to whine some more. My fat clothes, instead of being large and comfortable, are instead actually fitting me. So I am growing, and unhappy in my attempt to dress and go out. A vicious cycle that, too big to go out and growing by leaps and bounds because one is not going out, is hard to ignore. How I wish for a friend to bolster my attempts at eating less, and how I berate myself for not reaching out to the ones I have. I did make it out for breakfast items for the Fam and potatoes and canned tomatoes (spanish rice later this week?) for myself.

Time to go start the soup; last of the Easter ham, lots of bok choy and carrots, and split peas this time. (I followed the recipe on the back of the bag of dried peas, adding the magic mushroom mix and substituting red palm oil to saute the onions.

Below is Michelle Tam's Magic Mushroom Mix recipe which I have been in love with since my daughter introduced it into our kitchen. I am not a 'Paleo' fan, but this is marvelous stuff. Today I put my low sodium interpretation on the recipe and instead of salt and red pepper flakes used about 1T of the chipotle blend from Mrs. Dash. I won't know for sure until I taste the pea soup that is finishing up on the stove or the ham and potato gratin that is in the oven, but I have a good feeling. (Note: both dishes are delicious.)

One would be right if from the last paragraph they deduced I have been happily cooking away in the kitchen for the past hour, in bare feet with my story playing in my ears. The great escape! But now I have meals for the week, both dishes full of veggies and one of them with the added decadence of swiss cheese, butter and flour combined into a lovely sauce with milk and nutmeg. Milk is NOT in my usual list of what I will eat, but making a cheese sauce is definitely the one exception I can live with. Fortified with salads these dishes will make awesome meals.

Timer! Time to blend the soup.

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