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Friday, April 3, 2015

Heading into the Week's end

Friday, thank heavens. This expression a little more deeply heartfelt than the usual flippant TGIF.

Lunch was a Costco run and I escaped without  having anything to eat; not pizza, not a polish dog, nothing. I did bring home ribs to cook for dinner (they were delish) along with corn. Another grocery stop on the way home and we now have everything we need for our Easter dinner Sunday (except for the brown bread) and Nachos for lunch tomorrow using my awesome black beans.

I am looking forward to colouring eggs with A tomorrow, and cleaning up the front of the house. I have a bouquet of yellow roses that I trimmed and tied with white ribbon for our centerpiece at dinner Sunday, and a chocolate rabbit to share. Easter is coming, and I am grateful for all of the small blessings that surround me and lift me up when I pay attention. It's nice to be out of the pity pool for a moment and see clearly. Again I say, if only I could always feel this way, but these times are fleeting and I basque in their temporary glory.

Time to cuddle with A and watch Tinker Bell. Once again I thank heavens the weekend is upon us!

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: two raw carrots, omg is that all I ate?
Snack: small bag of kettle chips (sea salt)
Dinner: St Louis dry rub ribs, corn on the cob, ciabatta bread and butter

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