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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday outing

Strange day. To work early, then busy getting as much done as I could. Broke for a bowl of soup but kept working. Seeing the time and being at a good stopping point I packed up and came home, arriving at 2:15. What? How on earth did I leave an hour early by accident? I really am losing my mind. But the house is quiet and warm, and It's lovely to feel protected from the wind and rain that are dancing about together outside.

Leftover holiday food is the essence of comfort, IMHO. And so easy to throw together for a meal. I'm not sure calling my little saute at 3pm an early dinner is accurate, more like a 2nd lunch, but it doesn't matter. I must have come home for a reason, and it's my habit to eat upon arriving home, so there you have it, an extra meal thrown into my day; I'm not complaining, just listening to my body and apparently not thinking much. How can that be a bad thing, following one's instincts, or rather, why should it end up being so destructive when one does that? Free Will, that is suppose to be our reigning glory, that we were put here with the ability to choose our fate. Personally I think having a few more tools in the old belt would have been nice, given how difficult it is to make good/wise choices, and how badly the outcome can be even when trying to do what is right.

Jeez Loueeze and say la vie. Quit thinking and take a nap already.

Later, rested, and heading out to see Cinderella. Popcorn will be my second dinner :)

I enjoyed the movie, especially the mice becoming horses, and the dancing and sets and locations - and I couldn't help but compare the storyline to Ever After, probably my all time favorite Cinderella story. This modern cast was wonderful, and even if I ate too much popcorn it was a nice evening out. Which is why I went, to prove to myself I could have one of those ah la solo. It did feel strange driving after dark, and walking alone downtown between theatre and parking garage, but movies are fun and I will go again. But next time I will remember to ask for the Senior rate! Apparently I do not look my age (thank god) and was charged full price.

Time for tea and jammies and a snuggle with my little Kaylee.

breakfastdecaf, sausage muffin
lunch: Amy's Lentil soup, sprouted barley crackers
Early Dinner: Ham and beans with wilted greens (spinach)

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