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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have heard over the years that one should not ever be too
     Lonely or

But what about busy, bored and bothered? Those three B's are bad for me. And is the L really for lonely or maybe lazy? Too busy to prep fresh food, too bored by my choices to make an effort, and bothered about one thing or another and feeling driven towards easy comfort food. So I take the lazy way out; give me bread and watch me mellow. And suffer from heat burn. Talk about a physical manifestation of yin and yang.

I did stop for groceries on the way home, and prepared the Fam a meal so they could come home from softball practice to real food instead of  picking something up. But the same level of effort for myself? Not so much.

Here, let me whine some more about being tired. Let me pretend I will get up in the morning and prepare a fresh green smoothie and harness some real energy. It's so hard to be in a cold kitchen when a warm breakfast is calling me from the road. I feel the need for a sledge hammer to break this awful terrible breakfast addiction I have succumbed to this past year.

Keep fighting. Yoda would be so disappointed. No one needs three servings of bread a day.

breakfastdecaf, sausage muffin
lunch: Green juice
Early Dinner: Ham and brown bread
Snack: broccoli, garlic bread

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