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Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday - first all the work and then the yawning

It was a fast food day - all my time and energy going towards work where we were two short again. Lord please help them with their health.

Once home I watched a little tv but then was on my feet doing dishes as we had left quite the mess in the kitchen last night, no one managing the fortitude to deal with the havoc that goes hand in hand with a holiday. At least there were leftovers for an easy dinner.

I was wishing today that I could be that girl I have dreamed of so often, the one who cares and takes action and becomes healthy. I see the cute tops on the girls at work and want to be like them, yet my hand doesn't stay put when there is something wonderful to reach for and eat.

I'm too tired to fight with myself tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I won't sleep in and will take time to make a smoothie. I will NOT let all the spinach in the fridge go to waste.

breakfastdecaf, sausage biscuits
lunch: Amy's Mac N Cheese, sweet greens juice from Sprouts
Dinner: Toast with ham and cheese, coleslaw

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