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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sugar Detox - Day 1/14

"If you have ever struggled with sticking to a diet, I would encourage you to try kicking sugar out of your life.  What harm could it do you to experiment? To see if you are one of those who might be  sensitive to sugar.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by exploring that option."  Holly

I'm going to strive for two weeks to explore that option and go sugar free.Hopefully there will then follow a third and fourth etcetera etcetera as I begin to feel better. The real challenge may come in the mornings where my caffeine and fast food addictions may rear their ugly heads. But as for now I feel empowered and confident that my intentions will prevail.  I will make herbal tea for my morning drives to work, and stay away from any processed foods that always contain added sugar. Fresh fruit and nuts will probably be breakfast for a while as I detox from my sausage biscuits and decaf. 

Anywhere you find hope or motivation grab on and hold on for dear life, and some of Holly's phrases have given me hope. Into the fray I go!

Update: Breakfast was an orange and a banana eaten in the car on the way to work. My tea was sugar free; I have discovered a blend of a floral Rooibos and an herbal chai type mixture that satisfies in robustness while not requiring additional sweetness. Lunch was a nice surprise. I had home made pea soup (have I mentioned how delicious this turned out?) and a salad of tomatoes, avocado and pepitas. Drizzling on my salad dressing I panicked realized there was probably added sugar, but there was only pineapple juice concentrate so I'll take it and be glad there were no added sugar type ingredients. At some point when choosing the dressing I must have already been employing the no sugar mentality.

Dinner: last of the black bean soup when I arrived home, and R is bringing home fries from In N Out. Beans and potatoes, can you say starch? But we evolved eating these foods, and at least there was no added sugar in the soup. Wait, I need to google In N Out fries....Yes! just potatoes and oil, it's all good.

On a roll....ha one almost done and just a very slight headache this afternoon. More water, more water.

Hydrated and ready to bed; I'll bet I sleep well for not having had any coffee this morning. But first, time to snuggle with Kaylee and watch tonight's episode of The Flash.

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