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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sugar Detox - blog reposts

Sean at Diary of a Winning Loser
Holly at 300 Pounds Down and a link to her Sugar Addiction\Detox website tab.

These are the three entries I read today after signing on to write after an early dinner. I need to say that it had been 'Pie Monday' at work and I had indulged a coworker who is VERY pregnant and yearning for banana cream. Consequently there is left over banana cream pie in the fridge as I type this. After reading the above posts and being motivated to take the next step in my own sugar detox.

So how has that been going for me, anyway? I am asking for less in my morning weekday decaf, I still haven't eaten a single small candy bar out of the bowl at work, but ice cream remains my nemesis, and as Holly so aptly writes - is my master. Such an embarrassing way to think about this, but I also find great hope in her post, because she confirms that it is not me lacking in the Wonder Woman department, but rather that I have let sugar become my master. If I were to pinpoint one culprit that has replaced the greens that I was once so adamant about including in my meals it would be sugar, or maybe that dashing duo, sugar and fat.

The good news is that there are three people to help me demolish the pie and I finished the mint chip ice cream last night so there is no temptation calling me from the freezer. Once the pie is gone, that is it. Poor A, she lives for her desserts, which tells me she is likewise under the influence of a cruel master and she is only six. A while ago we decided that desserts would only be on Friday night, but all of us seem to suffer from comfort deprivation around here despite the abundance of love to be had and we really need a different answer if A is to have a better life as we all hope and strive for daily.

I am going to bookmark Holly's post and read it everyday to remind myself why it is so important. It's not like I haven't known this for ages, but something in the way she said it spoke to me this prevening, so I'm rolling with it. After my piece of pie. That wasn't important, the big step will be cutting out my coffee again, and detoxing from caffeine as well as sugar. But I have done it before and I can do it again.

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