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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 25/30 or 66/100 or 1/1

I'm not sure what happened yesterday - moving on! Goodbye Friday, Hello Saturday.

This is the picture I just posted to the CBS group on facebook this morning. To get some perspective back into my eating habits I piled them all up in a bowl so there is no thinking involved. If it's in the bowl I will eat it. Easy.

Today I have a massage appointment at 11:30. I am so looking forward to it; it's been about two months since I took a break from my schedule of going every other week and I can feel the tightness building in my neck, back and shoulders. I'm going to leave early to see if the nearby Zumba studio is still operational, and if so what their hours are for classes. It is within a bikes ride from the house and I would love to go a couple of times a week after work to unwind and keep the body moving. It always comes back to the fact that I can't seem to look elsewhere than food for stress relief. I know what I could be doing, but can't seem to take steps down that path. But Zumba sounds fun, so I am hoping. It's much cooler today, but we will still make it down to the pool later this afternoon to swim. 

In the meantime it's a lovely cool morning, the birds are chirping away, and I've cleaned all the chlorine out of my hair. The dish and clothes washers are both rumbling away, and it's time to make some more headway on this room.  Who can achieve a most excellent mood while surrounded by stuff!

I want everything clean; mind, body & bedroom. Clear the clutter and everything else will follow! I'm so full of hope this morning, I wonder where it was yesterday - it just sort of dissipated once I reached work. I need to reclaim the part of me that can sluff off the negative energy of others, and just look into myself and draw on the calm and joy that I know live there always, no matter how small a spark it might seem some days.

Off to grab my first bottle of water, plug in the latest Nevada Barr book, and get busy!

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