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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 10/30 or 81/100 or 1/1

I am currently listening to Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers, and I would like to give a shout out to my friend, who for arguments sake I shall call Poodle, for both the trip down memory lane (remembering my mother's voice reading to me about gluing stars in the sky) and for reminding me there are more books about Mary that I need to share with my granddaughter. Upon hearing I was excited about the upcoming Disney movie, Saving Mr. Banks, Poodle had voiced her incredulity that I could do any such thing after the travesty Disney had made of Mary Poppins. This led me to first download the audio book and then this morning to google Travers (above.)

I am only on chapter 8, but I know already there is nothing here that can diminish my love of the Disney movie - for me it was 'practically perfect in every way' and remains so. Perhaps as it's own work of art removed from the book, as most good movies are, but nevertheless, something I will always love with good regard. So yes, I am still looking forward to the new movie, but it will now be seasoned with a healthy grain of salt and I will enjoy it from the perspective of the media in which it was born. I can only hope it is something Miss Travers would have appreciated. Having been reminded of her as an author my curiosity has now been piqued about her other writings, and about her life which seems to be rich with wonderful details of which I was formerly unaware. I see many hours of reveling in her words in my near future; I wonder if any others have been produced as audio books - I will have to make the digital library my next stop.

On to food! Last night I soaked a bag of dried black beans and the water I poured off this morning was a wonderful rich blue leading me to wonder about natural colours and why this wasn't used instead of artificial blue number 1. But I digress...putting the beans on to cook in fresh water in a large pot, I then caramelized a large red onion in my saute pan with a scoop of coconut oil and ground cumin. While they were bubbling away I chopped up red bell peppers and crisp curly kale leaves and set them aside to stir in to the crock pot once the beans and onions were ready. Wanting more greens I added in the rest of the beet tops I had been using in my smoothies last week to the pan of onions with some of the water from the beans and a package of Chipotle seasoning. Once the timer dinged I poured everything into the crock pot and stirred. Still not happy with the bean to veggie ratio I stirred in the last three inches left in the bottom of a bag of broccoli slaw and then it was gorgeous.  Now the question becomes, do we splurge and cook some of the soup down to a rich thickness and add some jack cheese and flour tortillas for an incredibly sumptuous dinner, or have healthy bowls of bean soup to end the week. I never know until the time comes, but in any case I will have enough leftovers for several nutritious dinners and that always makes me feel like I have not wasted the weekend.

And the dogs are rushing the door; the girls must be home from their errands signaling an end to this blessed quiet. Hopefully we will take the walk we planned this morning, then an hour or so in the pool before A goes down for a nap. How I love the contrast between storm and quiet that our little 'unguided missile' provides.

And how happy I am that this is still Sunday, despite the fact H and I never firmed up plans to do something together this weekend which makes me a little sad. And the girls are knocking on my window to show off the new bubble wands. I am off!

Update:  Burritos won. Slices of avocado, real Jack cheese, homemade pico de gallo and refried beans with shredded lettuce on top - So delicious!

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