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Friday, July 12, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 1/30 or 72/100 or 1/1

As suspected, I am up a couple of pounds. Also as expected I am down more inches; I thought my arms looked a little thinner! I think it must be all the treading water I have done in the pool trying to offset the eating frenzy I've been in this past month.

Here is my chart. Total inches lost now up to 16. And the two pounds could very well be water from the salty dressing on my salad last night. Or the sugar from all the treats served at work yesterday....harrumph.

But as predicted late last night I am once again an optimist this morning, and ready to tame wild bears instead of fattening myself up to be eaten by one. I have on my desk the class schedule for the local Zumba studio, I still have CBS product to use up, and plan on hitting the pool as much as possible in this last 30 days of 100.

Today is Friday (Thank God) and lunch is already waiting for me at work having chosen big fat soft bakery cookies over my Shape shake at work yesterday. Twice a month we run hundreds of cheques for our 50 some clients and put together packets to mail out for signature. We call it AP day and the hand motions involved are hard on my back. Normally on this day I indulge in a small piece of dark chocolate from the endless bowl up front, but yesterday a realtor had dropped by with a big box of thank you cookies and I had no qualms about grabbing first one, and then later on one more to tide me over emotionally.

I am so bad!

But I have potential!

And I have a date with H next weekend! So I'm going with the one day at a time approach and have decided to make this particular one a good one. Seven of those = having a good week which will put me in the right frame of mind to feel good about myself next Saturday morning as I am driving up to meet him. But that is thinking too far ahead; my job today is just that - today.

Time to head off and check my hair so I know what kind of a day it's REALLY going to be and admire my arms while I am at it :)

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