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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 16/30 or 87/100 or 1/1

Another day of writing missed. First I was up too early and 'farming' on the computer before 4am, then off to work early after a co-worker texted in sick. What a long day, which included a buttermilk doughnut,  then the drive home munching on asparagus and grape tomatoes. Finally home to bean soup and a black bean burger and tomato sandwich for dinner in front of my old friend the boob tube. When I don't have green smoothies my energy level plummets; I know better, why can I not treat myself in the best possible way so that I enjoy the benefits?  In my defense I did use my green coffee bean Burn capsules, drink my water, and eat my veggies.

So after that little whine you will love what we made for breakfast this morning.  

Photo: Blueberry Crisp~gluten-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free3-4 Cups Blueberries (Or your favorite fruit)5 T Maple SyrupGrated Rind of one Lemon¾ Cup Almond Meal¾ Cup Quinoa Flakes½ t Sea Salt½ – 1 t Cinnamon3 T Coconut Oil, liquid at room temperatureKudos: Dianna BonnyMore:

Blueberry Crisp made with almond flour, maple syrup, cinnamon and rolled oats, bound with coconut oil for the fat and after baking we added a limey drizzle for the top ( since I forgot the zest on the bottom.) A perfect weekend morning; cooking with A and puttering in the kitchen.

Today is the dreaded furniture moving day, which would be fine if it didn't include moving all the wires for the TV, Stereo, U-verse box and Wii. Wireless entertainment is now mentally added to the lottery winner's list! Which finally brings me to the thought of the morning. After being a little bit snippy with A for the third time in a row this morning I realized I was pre-stressing about our week together. Crazy! We will have a great time, I will be my normal sweet self, and tap into all the muchness I can to ensure A is a happy camper along with same said self.

Now, that off my mind I am back to my new Neil Gaiman audio book (which he is narrating and doing it wonderfully of course) and to my chores. Good Grief (or as I said, Oh Crap!) I just made her cry - she must also be living the stress of her mother being gone before it happens. I need to turn this around!!

And OMG it's almost ten and I'm not ready for my drive to Lodi - after dragging by minute by minute yesterday, today time is flying past at an alarming rate. I go.

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