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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 26/30 or 67/100 or 1/1

There is a chocolate cake sitting under glass on the kitchen counter. Decorated with small bear sprinkles and sporting both a brightly coloured 3 and a 5 placed so as to proclaim to one and all that someone is 35 today, it may as well have Birthday written all over it. Just back from the pool and sipping my chocolate Shape for dinner I am currently not interested in the cake. I am more concerned about tonight, when everyone has gone to bed and the house is once again quiet, and it's just me and the cake.

I walked Kaylee to the pond and back this morning, did some light housekeeping, a little work in the backyard, and went swimming; I have moved today and it feels good. Mostly. Because I am sore from my massage yesterday, and at this point would just like to lay down and veg.  But I know moving is better than not, and there are still a couple of things to be done.

I find that I am surprised that the weekend is almost over, and that another Monday is peeking at me from around the corner; where did the days go. Tired and blathering I find I don't have much to say.

I wonder if I will be able to eat just one bite of M's Birthday cake....

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