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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 29/30 or 70/100 or 1/1

Being of sound mind this morning I took what was left of the chocolate cake and shoved it down the garbage disposal; with satisfaction I listened as it was masticated beyond retrieval.

Favorite go to Shake blended up for lunch and packed (spinach, flax meal, almond\coconut milk, blueberries). Hot water on to make tea for the morning commute. First glasses of water downed with daily vitamins and Burn. Mornings are easy peasy, if only evenings were the same. The difference is the stress level - right now the house is cool and quiet, I've been puttering outside in the fresh air, my mind is clear and focused. So the question becomes, how do I achieve this same calm throughout the day. At work I am busy and have the good veggies and shake for my noon repast, but once I hit the road to come home there needs to be a way to shake off the day and resume a calm demeanor to greet the evening. A way to let the day go, ignore the traffic while still arriving home in one piece, and drive out the demon thoughts that try to lead me astray. Nothing a chauffeur  a personal 'assistant\chef' and a Yogi couldn't take care of. So that is what I need to become once I slip out of my accountant persona at 4pm - sigh. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

New train of thought; for now, get ready for work. Plan for this evening, enlist DD for help in clearing out the kitchen of all temptation and making a workable Honey Do list for us girls to work on in the evenings so we are busy and productive. Drinking my shape shake on the way home yesterday worked in getting me safely home, so I just need the house to be safe again. The swimming is good, that can stay!

I only purchased the initial ten days of the CBS plan, plus two 30's. I have two whole jars of Shape left so I am wondering if I did something wrong - I'll have to check that out. My plan for the next 30 will be to use it as a meal replacement each day, continue eating for nutrition as I see it, and keep moving. Once a week I want to use my juicer that has been sitting on the counter staring at me balefully while I have been eating 'high fiber' on the plan; that will be my clean day each week!

But you know me and my plans. One day at a time, and make it count. The battle continues. I will not give up, and I will continue this record for the full 100 days, but  I must say I look forward to the morning I do not have to chalk off another day. The plan guide was right, you only have to follow the plan for it to work, and when I do, it does. But I haven't been this whole last month - and that's my bad, not Orendas. We both deserved better, and for a moment I will let myself be sad. But today, as all days, is another beginning, and I persevere.

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