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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 21/30 or 62/100 or 1/1

The only thing missing yesterday was the exercise. By the time A reminded us we hadn't gone to the pool it was almost bedtime. She is a gaming gal and we had spent our time on Rummikub, or a version of it that a four and a half year old can play; we will make a point to head down to the pool after work today. Being in the middle of a heat wave should be enough incentive!

H joined the gym yesterday, and I googled for what was available in Livermore for evening exercise for my part of getting in shape (I want to try shooting the Pac Coast tournament in September.) I think Zumba sounds the most fun, and I will stop by the closest location after work tomorrow to see if they are still open. It would be good for the house dynamics for me to have somewhere to go a couple of evenings each week. My poor daughter, I am having a hard time reigning in my words of late, and A is hers to raise, not mine! "I promise to do a better job of biting my tongue."

It's too early to think about getting ready for work, or banging about the house making noise. I did put the air on when I awoke, and perhaps I should lay back down and try to catch a few more zzzzz's - otherwise it's going to be one long ass day.

So a long day it is. Tossing and turning in a semi stuffy room sent my mind streaming into the back yard and after a few minutes of that I was up, in my crocks and out back watering. And picking up dog messes. And turning down the hot tub to pool temperature. And hosing off the patio. And watering out front too! Showered and ready to hit the kitchen I've already put in over an hour's worth of steps and feel ready to start the day. It will be nice to come home having those chores already taken care of, smoothing our way to a clear conscious while pool bound. Go Me!

I think I'll go cut up some zucchini to snack on for the ride home. And pack an apple. And blend up another blueberry Shape shake for lunch.

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