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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 17/30 or 88/100 or 1/1

Dropped R at the airport this morning just before 5am, then A and I came back and slept another hour and a half before rising at 7. We have made a grocery list, been to two stores (making sure to visit every living thing at the pet store before leaving) and come home to a snack of graham crackers and cheese. Think deconstructed cheesecake - our treat for missing R.) We are now discussing the merits of swimming before or after her nap, and while I am bigger, she is outweighing me in the determination department. But I need a nap too so we will go later this afternoon. R reminded me to NOT negotiate with A and that is the plan.

We picked up all the basics, a couple of 'natural' fast food options and a bag of bean and cheese burritos in case of an emergency. If nothing else probably M can polish those off. 

So far today we have learned that A can open the car door from the outside all by herself if she puts some oomph into it, and that when given the choice will pick a brownie bite over a cookie and strawberry milk over chocolate milk.

The plan for me today is to organize the fridge, see if there is anything besides the kale that needs to be used up right away and make a batch of soup. This means the bean soup from last weekend will be processed into re-fried beans (we need a different name for these)  and frozen in batches to make room for the new soup. A shape shake for lunch and the leftover Chinese food (mostly veggies) from yesterday for dinner should round out the food part of the day for me. A has requested leftover chowmein for her dinner, and a sunflower seed butter sandwich with sliced strawberries and bananas for lunch. it nap time yet?

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