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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 13/30 or 84/100 or 1/1

Yesterday was a good day, despite a little drama at work. I worked through lunch, left early drinking my shake on the way home, picked up A early and we hit the pool. It was overcast and a little muggy which meant we were the only ones there! A barley wore her vest and for the first time ever swam the width of the pool by herself; not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES! So proud of our little mermaid. Later in the evening once R was home she had the laptop work had given her for a business trip and she plugged in the flash drive I had given her last Christmas of all the pics of A off my computer - there was a wonderful video I had shot of her when she was..two? less? Anyway, there she was splashing in the birdbath and giggling away; it was fun to see that we had been playing in water together her whole life. I so admire her fearlessness, and love how tired and hungry she is when we get home.

I did have a small bowl of the homemade mac n cheese I had made her for dinner (it had steamed orange cauliflower hidden in it) and then had my spicy bean soup. So good.

Today we head up to Napa for memorial services, so no work. Also no wine tasting. Speaking of which I will get to see the grapes that are ripening in the vineyard at H's on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to that. What I am not looking forward to is moving more furniture and figuring out where to put things. Oh well, at least I will be up on my feet and moving. Which reminds me I wanted to do some chores before the heat descends.

Hopefully we will make it back to the pool this evening, but if not we have mint in the fridge and rum in the cupboard to welcome us home from what will no doubt be an emotionally exhausting day. I think I'll pack my Balance spray....

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