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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 20/30 or 90/100 or 1/1

Yesterday was go go go. A busied herself with a bowl of cinnamon crunch while I packed up food to take with me; our mornings are easy and filled with accomplishment. Her sense of style is fun to admire; she will be a fashionista!

I left work early and came home to finally finish up my taxes. Done at 4:28 I packed everything up, grabbed some colouring books and her pouch of pencils, scissors and pens for A plus her leap pad, a pair of reading glasses for me, and ran to pick up A from daycare. Swinging by zPizza for a slice of pepperoni and a chocolate milk we headed to H&R block in time for my 5:30 appointment. A was a gem the first hour, and then finally a little whiny as we headed into the last half so I pointed her to the empty office and suggested she run. Which she took to heart tearing laps around the carpeted space. And speaking of her heart she came to ask me to put my hand over hers and I thought it was going to bang it's way right through her chest! Yikes!

Once done we headed home, changed into suits, and drove to the pool. Yes, drove. The wind had picked up, it was after 7pm, and I was exhausted. Despite the guilt for sitting down once again in a day filled with sitting, we drove. I didn't think I would be getting in, the evening having turned cool, but one dip of my right big toe changed my mind and in we both went. It was divine, like a bathtub. We splashed and swam for an hour, half of that time by ourselves, and loved every minute of it. I stretched and trod water and tossed A about to her hearts content before braving the cool air, wrapping ourselves in towels, and heading back home.  A was cocooned in blue and white stripes under her car seat straps, a wet but warm bundle of joy.

After a bath and de-ionized (de-chelated?) hair A was ready for gobbling down a big bowl of watermelon while watching this weeks taping of SYTYCD. I joined her in both, loving both the fruit and the dancing, not to mention the company. De-tangling her hair was a breeze as it had been in a braid all day and then sprayed with conditioner once clean; a successful venture that I intend to repeat as many times as she will allow this week!

A quick phone call to chat with R completed the day; it sounds like so far her trip is exhausting but successful. Needless to say we miss her.

Finally at 9:30 I put on my parenting hat and declared it bedtime. She went with minimal fuss, and I turned the TV to Perception and snacked on roasted Brussels sprouts just out of the oven. While it's exhausting just getting all this down, it's a good feeling to have accomplished so much.

I realized there are ten days left of the 100 day CBS plan. I can be glad of the pounds and inches lost, and that the products kept me from gaining weight during what turned out to be a stressful and challenging couple of months. But I did not give it the chance it deserved; such is life, the best laid plans and all that. Seeing the even number of ten I think I want to finish the way I began, with the ten day cleanse, and the mere thought fills me with renewed determination. The fridge is full of veggies and fruit, I have the products - Houston, we're good to go!

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