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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 23/30 or 93/100 or 1/1

Work, play, work, play...needing a little grown up time (given that play time is usually with A) I have planned a road trip to the Paso Robles Macaroni and Cheese festival! H and I will drive down Saturday and then spend the night after indulging ourselves at the festival, Having a nice breakfast somewhere local before driving home on Sunday will complete the date. Also on the agenda is to visit my newly engaged cousin, who will be a vendor at the event with his bride to be whom I have never met. Fun! And three weeks of looking forward to it.

This was such a busy week with having A all to my self and such responsibilities that come inherent  to the task; I didn't even realize I wasn't writing until just now. We have had a busy morning; smoothies for breakfast, a massage for me which meant packing up a bag of diversions for A while I was getting worked on, shopping for a birthday present to take to the impending party, and then packing up the required items for the super fun afternoon and evening she has planned. At the party they are swimming, then watching a movie in the back yard in sleeping bags - it doesn't get much more fun than that when you are four and a half. I get to stay home and have a hard cider and watch whatever I want on tv!!

I am easily pleased.

And in a good mood today finally. As always I wonder where this part of me goes, and why I have to disappear at all. Very frustrating. I even put back the loaf of sourdough we had picked up while at the store, knowing one slice is never enough and not wanting to go through yet another loaf of bread. God it feels good to be sane for a change.

I don't want to use my back today, instead I will let my newly stretched muscles enjoy being unknotted so I will blend up some Shape for dinner and give them a rest from chopping veggies. That is one thing the CBS plan has reminded me of, I don't need to always chop up everything. Whole is better for our jaws anyway! Picking up fruits or veggies and eating them with minimal prep is quick and easy too. I've been packing bowls of tomatoes, asparagus, celery, peppers - whatever is handy in the fridge - to eat at work or on the drive home. All so delicious. 

4pm, time for a cider and a show, then a quick tour of the kitchen straightening up. I love weekends.

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