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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This morning is all about the juice, and what a beautiful site it is. I had purchased the juicer after seeing Fat Sick and Nearly Dead over a year ago and mulling it over. Then of course right after I brought it home Orenda announced the CBS plan and I had to participate. And glad I did, but now I can revisit the whole juicing experience and incorporate that as part of my plan to create a healthier lifestyle. I'm betting this shakes up wonderful with my scoop of Shape for lunch!
Beets, oranges off the tree in back, an inch of ginger, an English cucumber, and a couple dozen big black seedless grapes. Oh so Yum and with the exception of a taste left in the fridge for the girls, packed away in my lunch bag to take to work. I can't begin to describe how rich and silky and delicious this is. 

Time to take my treasure and hit the road.

Update: I have to say this is the best Shape shake I have ever had. I added a scoop to my juice at work and shook it up! Beets and chocolate, a marriage made in heaven.

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