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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Balance piece

There is nothing like the warm hug of a child fresh out of bed, still heavy with sleep and reeking of innocence, love, and trust. How blessed I am. The despair of yesterday morning is a thing of the past and I am ready for a long productive weekend.

This morning I will make some juice; grapefruit, carrot, blueberries, cucumber, lemon, bok choy and ginger. My goal is twofold; for it to be delicious on the tongue of a four year old so she will load up on antioxidants and support the recovery of her snuffly nose and to give my body extra incentive to fight off said sniffles.

Honey Do List
Defrost the freezer
Walk and brush the dog
Organize bookshelf and move office supplies to garage
Move old TV cabinet to garage and straighten up dining room

That should keep me on my feet.

Breakfast will be juice, Lunch will be more of the same juice but this time blended with Shape, and for Dinner I anticipate some veggie\bean soup from the fridge that needs to be used up. An easy day for dishes and high in nutrients. Win Win.

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