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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two week stretch

Yes Virginia, Time does Fly! Where did the two weeks go since I last wrote anything?

Intermittent coughing aside, I am well as my Grandmother used to emphasize - not good, things are good, people are well. I have so many memories of Mommer, my Maternal Grandmother; some that are cornerstones of my behavior and others that keep me on the straight and narrow edge of grammar. Hers is the voice who chants in my head upon occasion that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and that I have 'put on a little'. I loved this woman tremendously, and still grieve her passing though it has been more years than I can remember. I don't know why the few small negatives seem to be embedded in my brain. Probably because I did love her so much and it was so hurtful when she criticized it seared deep into my memory cells.

This morning at breakfast my own granddaughter was trying my patience, which I usually have in abundance - especially where she is concerned. But I guess the honeymoon phase of them moving in is over since I was ready to snap at her over the table at Country Waffles. I'm sure there was a sugar hangover from the party last night next door; sparkling lemonade, orange juice, chocolate cake, oh my! Then more orange juice for breakfast and blueberry crepes (which looked divine by the way) topped with whipped cream which she preferred to anything else on her plate. The jumping and popping under the table and overall exuberance was a little trying since her mother and I were both tired but even that was okay. It was the discovery of gum under the table that pushed me over the edge. Probably her  mother too. Once A found it she couldn't leave it alone, even after a stern "do not touch that" from both of the adults who were sharing said table. I stood up. We're going outside. OMG. Poor little thing melted down into the seat next to her mother and wept. Once home she came in to give me a heartfelt hug and mumbled apology. 

Broke my heart. 

What memories am I leaving with this child who is more special to me than words can convey? I have to remember my place in our little family; love and support, she doesn't need another authoritarian overseeing her every action. That's her mother's job. Not mine. I will remember this.

Breakfast: Scrambled veggies (peppers, onions, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes) and a side of fried potatoes. with hot sauce. YUM!

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