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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Veggies and more veggies

Up in time to pack all the salad fixings I would need at work today and now I am enjoying the fruit of my labours. A huge yummy salad. Just had to say.

Now I am home, and have just finished a large bowl of soup and I have that 'full of veggies' smugness about me. I used the last of the Christmas drippings to saute a med yellow onion, about five large white mushrooms, and about twice as many (bulk not ea) brussels sprouts. Everything rough chopped and seasoned with magic mushroom mix, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper I set it to boiling once the onions were soft and everything else had a chance to wilt. Maybe ten minutes? Then I added hot water to the top of the veggies and then that much more again. Stirred in a cup of organic noodles (Quinoa\corn blend) and brought it back to a boil, then covered and turned the heat down for ten minutes. All in all about half an hour to make? And delicious. I use to make stoups all the time for dinner, and I need to restore that good habit.

Let's see, how did I do today. Top five healthy foods:

Check, Check, Check and double Check. It's a good day when I can hit all five, some fresh and some cooked. There were seeds in my salad providing fat so all my nutrients could be absorbed, beans to stabilize my blood sugar at lunch, and whole grain organic noodles to satisfy my evening comfort food bug.

Yes I had a little bit of dairy and animal fat, but just as hints of flavour and not significant calorie wise. I do regret the sugar in my coffee each morning, but not eating anything else processed after breakfast helps alleviate the tiny bit of guilt trying to worm it's way into my psyche.

I seem to have almost shaken the virus that was trying to take me down earlier this week, but all of the Immune support has done it's job and I'm feeling good; no congestion, no sore throat, and only the tiniest of chills after eating my soup - but that's probably the breeze coming in my window after eating a hot bowl of soup.

Time to put  my feet up and watch the American Idol that taped last night and see what a mess they are making of choosing the top contestants. (Please choose the talent!)

Breakfast: decaff and sausage muffin
Lunch:  Mixed salad w\ baby kale and assorted lettuces, romaine, chick peas, peppers, onion, cauliflower, mushrooms  and pepitas with a small amount of Greek yogurt dressing tossed in.
Dinner:  homemade veggie soup

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