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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Try Try Try

I realized yesterday that I had let the 'I don't care' playing card back into the deck. Too much talk at work about death, too much Dday pressure on myself, and I've lost the ability to dredge up even an inkling of good intentions this morning. Well, that's not exactly true, I did pack good food for lunch and a juice to drink on the way home - at some point a good habit can save one from a bad choice.

But mindlessly eating pizza last night I realized I had stopped trying again. Why can't my moods of determination last longer? That appears to be the big challenge; keeping that spark alive and well. Apparently (A's favorite new expression) writing every day is not enough, I need another point of reinforcement during the day. Maybe at lunch instead of trolling Target I should browse healthy sites. I have been meaning to figure out how to easily transform my workstation to standing for part of each day, it would help if I could actually do that. Just a triangular table top would do it. Maybe I should ask M to build me one. I will take measurements today! Of my desk at work, not my waist.

Speaking of which, I am not posting my weight this Thursday after last night's gluttony. Moving on.

The day is just about over, and I am proud to say I turned it around. Finished up my work and left the office early after googling standing work stations for ideas. The first thrift shop I stopped at had an oak table with almost the exact measurements I had decided I needed. The legs and sides were a hideous fabric and it was on wheels, but the price was right at ten bucks. With help from M we disassembled it, removing the top and saving inside oak support beams to use for legs. Now I just need brackets to attached them after M cuts them down to size. Some sanding and staining and it will be good to go. Now to convince the boss to provide a wall mount monitor and I'll be all set. Whoo hoo. An idea, a plan, and hopefully this weekend a follow through to completion. Imagine that.

While at the thrift shop I had to take a look around and came home with a couple of board games. A, R and I played our first game of Clue and A declared it her new favorite game. lol, she loves the weapons! So did I at her age, who wouldn't? Anyway, it was a nice change from Monopoly.

I feel like I decided to get my good mood back today, and then it happened. Now, to do it again tomorrow! Try Try Try!

Breakfast: Decaf, sausage muffin
Lunch:  home made grains, roasted veggies, and sr cream
Snack: 2 pt ice cream cone
Dinner:  Chopped salad

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