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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A little sad, a little glad

I think about Joey every day, and it only makes sense that as we get closer to his D day my thoughts sometimes take a turn for the worse. I was glad for work load that kept me preoccupied most of the day, and when my office mate asked if it was a 'bacon day' I agreed that it was. It's our code for "I'm struggling, how is YOUR state of mind? Should we indulge?" We don't do it often, and for some reason it helps. But the day was spent with a small dark cloud of sad hanging over me.

I sometimes wish I could clean house upstairs and focus more on the family I have right here instead of on the one who is gone. I don't think I let it interfere too much with real life, but I know it is probably apparent that I am still not 'all here' at times.

Anyway, not the food day I had planned. I was up late, drove through for breakfast, had take out for lunch, and probably didn't drink enough water. I'm tempted to look up calories but I really don't have the energy, and I am not looking forward to 'weighing in' on Thursday.

A and I took our Tuesday trip to the little library around the corner, and once home we chipped away at her homework - me only hurting her feelings once! God I can be insensitive and she can be super sensitive; what a pair! But we hugged and are fine and the homework is finished. She does have a way of making me glad of my blessings.

Now I need to find the dragonfly punch for a project she has to work on for school, and do my dinner dishes.

Late Breakfast: Decaff,  sausage muffin
Lunch:  BLT from Mr. Pickles
Dinner:  sprouted whole grain toast with cheddar, tossed salad with pecans, cucumbers, tomatoes

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