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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another lunch out, no dashboard dining

Woke on time but snuggled in bed watching tv, then in a rush to leave I didn't pack lunch. Going to Costco at lunch I told myself no pizza but wasn't really sure what would happen. But I found a new green smoothie blend, all organic, with quinoa and  that was my lunch. Typical banana flavour when a blend is hiding the taste of wheatgrass, but good. And filling thanks to the quinoa?

Home early with sniffles, aches and chills.

Rats. Off to bed with a Shaklee Immunity tablet, a cup of cinnamon chai tea with almond milk and a couple of extra Orenda Immune capsules. I will beat whatever this is before it takes hold.

Up for a light dinner and more tea with cinnamon and I'm done.

Breakfast: decaff and sausage muffin
Lunch:  Froothie? I'll check the label tomorrow
Dinner:  1 toasted quinoa patty on a bowl of Costco's Asian salad mix

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