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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday blues

Sunny and cold out, it was hard to get up and get going. The morning began with a movie in bed, breakfast, and a cuddly Kaylee.

I didn't sit all day, running the vacuum, doing a bit more laundry, dishes, and even running an errand to Target kept me on my feet. But the aches and pains are really slowing me down, and I'm not eating well enough to alleviate any of them just now. Big Sigh. I hate being aware of the vicious circle and still not doing anything about it. So Crazy, literally.

But as always I am determined to do better tomorrow. I actually began today, once again dipping into the ibuprofen bottle and drinking ginger water to get the inflammation down. I must keep it up. How I wish I could have a month of Sundays and really focus on taking care of myself. Of course the reality is that I would lie around and eat too much and be even worse off than I am now, my nature being what it has become.

Nine years in a slow decline, with one burst of motivation half way through that I couldn't sustain. But I will do it again. I have decided that I will not reach ten years in this stagnant pathetic shape. It is my new positive affirmation. "Every day I am getting lighter and stronger. I am in less pain and discomfort because I am making good decisions. And on 2/16/16 I will look back and feel proud of myself." I need to tape that on a micro digital recorder and pin it to my shirt so I can play it often. Oh. Wait. I have a brain that can do that.

Lighter and stronger, good decisions, out of pain. I will hypnotize myself.

Breakfast: 21 grain toast, 2 eggs over easy
Lunch:  large chopped cruciferous salad, pecans, bleu cheese vinaigrette 
Dinner:  corn on the cob, onion rings, 1 slice of whole grain w\PB&J

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