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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A quick note

Lately I have seen commercials spouting the new TGIT theme. Yes, we are all glad it's Thursday and there is only one day to get through until we can all expound on TGIF. But really, if it's so hard to get through the week something is wrong. Really wrong. While some of us are jealous of the vacation time accrued in other countries, and the grass is admittedly always greener on the other side, would we consider moving to take advantage of this different way of life? No. We are too lazy and ingrained in our ways. The ultimate oxymoron, too lazy to do anything about having more time in which to have more time to be lazy. And in the meantime working ourselves to death. Harrumph.

But I am glad the week is getting on towards the end. The tax prep finished up today for our major CPA vendor without too much mayhem, and I finished another procedure for the Manual that seems like it will never be finished. Go me. But everything is exhausting lately and here I am again just wanting to nap.

I can hear A outside, she must be practicing riding her bike and I have to go take a quick look see.

Dinner, a game of Clue, a new Big Bang and the premiere of The Odd Couple and the day is done.

Breakfast: Decaf coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: Kale salad mix, poppy seed dressing, cauliflower, avocado
Snack: fruit dipped in chocolate fondu - work celebration
Dinner:  bean burrito, pot sticker, chow mein, orange chicken

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