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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shopping Cooking Eating

We all slept in this morning and I wasn't up until 8:30. Awesome. Then A and I went shopping, stopping for hot chocolate and decaf respectively on the way. Once home I made us eggs on toast - the new bread is so delicious! Alpine Valley Honey Chia.

I threw A's laundry in and we watched some Harry Potter - the movies are our friends and a rainy afternoon is the perfect time to visit. I even spent part of the time on the floor stretching various bits and pieces of this stiff old body.

I roasted a butternut squash, carrots & sunchoke, sauted onions and peppers, and cooked the last of the bags of both barley and farro that were hanging out in the cupboard. I added magic mushroom mix to the onions, then tossed everything together with a tablespoon of red miso. Now I have a large container to share out for lunches or dinners depending on my mood.

After lunch I made meatballs, and sauteed mushrooms, onions & zucchini to add to some marinara and chunk it up. Mostly I made the meatballs for the fam, I did eat a couple, well three because they were delicious, but the rest will be for them. The only sausage I was able to find at Safeway without sugar or monosodium glutamate was an organic chicken blend, and as it turns out it worked well. Chicken sausage in meatballs, who knew?

Another load of A's laundry and my chores are done for the day, thanks to R doing my dishes. If I look at my food log I can see how crazy weekends can be with a processed grain at every meal. But I am not hungry and I even feel satisfied - not always an achievable state of being - and it's a good feeling on a Sunday evening.

And speaking of Sunday evening, the screaming from the bathroom has just commenced.

 Breakfast: Honey Chia toast with one egg over easy
Lunch:  cucumber, cheese, pretzel roll sandwich
Snack: 4 teeny tangerines
Dinner:  Spaghetti and meatballs

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