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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To quote from Dani, "WTF WTF WTF!!!!!"

Miss Dani has spoon fed me many wise words since I've been following her blog, and sometimes she hits my mood right on the head. WTF indeed!

Tonight I moved the big dresser from the Master to the Boudoir, which meant shuffling everything around like crazy; everything being the safe, two computers, My grandmothers old wooden TV case, a bookshelf, two small tables, a big plastic tub and of course all of the clothes that were in the dresser that had to be removed so I could take out the drawers, tilt it on it's end, and with H's help slide it into it's new spot. I refuse to divulge the quantity of dust that was revealed behind it's old spot, but yesterday's blog, Death by Dust, comes readily to mind.

And while OMG has been used to death in recent years, looking around at how much is left to do it just seems like the appropriate expression to use since I have pretty much worn out WTF at this moment. So...OMG!!! And again, I initiated this mayhem. My Bad. Or not.

BTW, all of this chaos is wearing out the poor little dog. I have displaced her perch in the old bedroom (on the dresser in her Woolworth bed at the perfect window height for barking at every small infraction that occurs on her street) and for the time being replaced it with a plastic tub leading to a chair that gains her access to my bed so she can continue her neighborhood watch from the new bedroom.

Have I mentioned that I think the dust is killing me? Or that I haven't done my taxes yet? Or that no one person should be allowed to accumulate so much stuff over the course of 30 years? I moved into this small house with my then immediate family in June of 1983. I'll bet there is still a box somewhere in the garage that was never unpacked from that initial move; believe me I will crow about it when I find it. (The intention to begin clearing that out next weekend has been voiced (passive on purpose, no grading allowed.)

I have done quite a bit of lifting and sweating over the past few days and I'm still walking and breathing; it truly is amazing how resilient this ugly bag of walking water is when put to the test. 

Just a quick note about food. I rough chopped the left overs from St. Paddy's Day and while they were warming up I thickened rest of the cooking liquid with a little flour, then stirred it all together and added some steamed jasmine brown rice - delicious dinner, and the corned beef was all in H's bowl. (Okay, I nibbled on a couple of crispy bits.) I am going to miss the dinners we share while watching the shows we both enjoy; tonight it was Castle. But no dwelling, I will have lots to occupy my time.

Maybe it's the exhaustion that is keeping my mood stable, because even that last thought didn't make me sad. Okay, I know it's probably the exercise but it felt more fun to say it the other way. I just hope I can sleep tonight, after three solid sleeps in a row last night was a big disappointment. Arghhh, blathering = time to sign off. Ciao.