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Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreams etc

I would like to keep a notebook and pen by my bed so that upon waking I can scribble down any dream that might have lingered past REM. I do love a good story, and that drowsy pre-cognizant dreamland where you are aware of the dream but not really awake yet is one of my favorite places to hang out.  And I especially love it when I am able to direct the action, so to speak, while still in touch with the part of me that knows exactly what I want. Probably because I am so seldom able to do that in my waking hours.

At least in my personal life. At work I am better at seeing what needs to be done and no longer have a problem expressing such; experience does tend to lend a voice in that instance.  I wonder why the same doesn't hold true for the other eight hours of the day. (Here's the math; 9 working\commuting, 7 sleeping, 8 other = 24.) One would think that after 58 years of 'experience' I would know not only know exactly what I want but also how to achieve it. I should have married rich instantly comes to mind, but that is just the old whimsical wish that money can fix anything. At least in theory it would open up the options a bit while lending comfort to the decision process, but as for the crux of the matter - knowing what I want - I'm not sure it would have helped.

How on earth did I go from dreams to money? So much for thinking I am awake! So back to the original thought - I would like to jot down my dreams for a bit and see what shakes out. Besides the obvious desire to have only to think about the ways and not the means. At the moment my night stand is covered with stacks of trays that are on their way out as part of the current move in progress. But I will remember to leave a notebook there once those have vacated the office. No, not office, boudoir. My new nest, or fortress of solitude, or whatever. Speaking of which I need to paint. Which reminds me I am not yet awake and need tea.

Oh Yes! The corned beef for dinner last night was divine, living up to my expectations admirably. And the '05 Novella Synergy H uncorked was so nice I drank one glass too many -hence my foggy brain this morning; it's all making much more sense now. The previous dream-fugue state, my lack of A.M. clarity, the inability to focus. Go Red!

And good morning Monday - what a relief to be able to leave off packing and go to work for the day. Good Grief (Charlie Brown), that was a strange sentence to type. One last thought, I was able to add several items of Joey's clothing to the goodwill bag yesterday. It definitely felt like progress. I didn't weep, I let myself feel a little bereft and then calmly did the deed. I was and am okay. Now, Hi Ho...

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