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Sunday, March 3, 2013

'These are a few of my Favorite Foods' (sing it!)

Originally I had mulled over the idea of beginning a juicing regimen on March 1st; I would like to know if I can get rid of this rotten cough! And lose a few pounds to see if it helps my pain management. But I couldn't decide upon a juicer, and then on Friday last came upon an advert for the Hurom. Watching the comparison to another juicer, I realized that one of my hesitations was noise, and another the bother of the whole process. This one is QUIET, and CLEANS EASILY, and produces more juice. I checked in the store, but not finding it ordered one online from Costco.

Friday was March 1st. And Yesterday was my Birthday (can you say pineapple upside down cake?)  So now I have a new plan - eat everything in the house that isn't juiceable in preparation for the arrival of my new toy\tool\inspiration to be healthy.

Breakfast this morning: Buttered, well toasted wheat bread cut into squares and two lovely eggs over easy broken over the top. Even Kaylee had toast as my knife slipped and two squares hit the kitchen floor; lucky pooch! It was so rich and yummy, and something I hadn't had in years while I was eating plants and losing weight. I'm not sure why anything has to be all or nothing; I need to learn moderation - another of life's great lessons. Certainly I could fit in the breakfast a couple of times a year without damaging an otherwise healthy life style. But what if I did that for all my favorite meals?

Mac N Cheese
Homemade meatballs over egg noodles
Ice Cream
Left over Pot Roast stew served over buttered bread
Baked Potato with butter and sour cream
Toasted Bagel with peanut butter, bananas and honey
Harvestgrain Pancakes
Cheese bread

See the pattern? Bread and Butter. That's me. (I like Toast and Jam too.) If I had one favorite thing a week that would not work; I can eat more calories in one meal than I should have in two days! But what about once a month? And eaten family style so that I am not pigging out alone, but sharing something wonderful with others? A Sunday breakfast or a Saturday night celebration. I don't imagine that eating any one thing in moderation can be too horrible when compared to 30 or so days of eating well. This is one of the ideas that I think I need support to implement, and I envision that day coming - April 1st to be exact. Fuhrman's idea is also valid, shop healthy for the home, and splurge when eating out (which is not everyday, but a special occasion.) I did this while losing weight, having my bread and butter in a restaurant one cannot eat a whole loaf nor a pound of butter. But I digress!

I would like to have the fridge cleaned out in preparation of H moving out; we don't know yet if he will be taking it with him and I would like to be ready for either eventuality. And eating up frozen entrees from Trader Joe's is not a bad way to spend my meals while I wait for my juicer to arrive. But this morning's eggs were ... an inspired choice. There were only two slices of bread left, after all, and it would be a shame to waste them.

Thinking ahead I have lemons, kale, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots, apples, kiwis, bananas, ginger and spinach to start juicing with, and a printout of lots of recipes to try from where the idea originally came from. These are all part of my usual eating healthy selection of plants, but juicing is different, and there will be no sausage muffins interspersed with the juice! Once the juicer gets here I will do a week, see how I feel, and hopefully do another. Eventually I imagine doing the first week of each quarter year as my wonderful massage therapist Catherine shared that her Aunt does.

And now my  decadent breakfast has left me with a tremendous thirst (damn you salt!) and I am off for water and a day of puttering around the house as I begin to prepare for the upheaval soon to come.

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