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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let it Rain

This is the weather forecast on my desktop this morning, and glad I was to see it. Not because we have had a dry winter and need the water, oh no, because it  means I can wear everyday this week the one pair of jeans that still fits and not stress about the pedal pushers that I recently tried on while sorting through clothes and found they no longer fit from last Spring. And they were my 'fat pants'. In a nutshell, if you haven't kept up refer to dinner last night and the reason will become apparent. 

One more week. I will try to get through it without stress eating. I will spend money on healthier convenience foods like the beet juice from Jamba juice, and the bottled goodness of the Green Machine, and prepackaged salads (the cost of which makes me CRAZY in normal circumstances) and natural dressings. Wait, that means going to the store, let me think this through. Ok, it's all good; H is taking the kid's fridge so I can buy things to keep in ours.

Who am I kidding, I'm in too much pain to even think about grocery shopping or making meals. I'll stick with the juice idea and drink my way through a couple of days. I can go to the store at lunch and stock up on lunches for work - except not today because there is left over Chinese....

Big Sigh. Apparently nothing has changed and I am still on my well trodden path to hell with my good intentions. Have I reminded myself lately that hell is just a place we create here on earth with our decisions? And the same with Heaven? Come on, make a better choice 'ya big sissy'. (you did the impression from Home Alone, right?)

Slouching in my chair in a depressed posture of depression, something is pinching in my neck and causing pins and needles to race painfully down my right arm and my thumb is going numb. Time to get up and stretch and quit dwelling on my short comings.

One more week.

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