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Sunday, March 31, 2013

barking dogs - the five toed kind

The first trip out of bed this morning did not go so well. I could barely walk my feet felt so bruised, like the elves had been hammering on my left heel all night and rubbing sandpaper into my right foot pad  Guess that's what I get for being on my feet all day instead of sitting at a desk or in front of the boob tube.

Speaking of which, I did some retail therapy last night and while maybe driving to Target in the rain after three beers to buy a new telly was not the best thought out plan, it was effective. I am happy with the new set up in the living room if not with the actual picture on my new LED screen. Looks nothing like the demo in the store and I even remembered to buy an HDMI cable. But hopefully this is just a call to tech support later this morning.

In the meantime my feet are gradually feeling better as I putter around straightening up and sorting through the bits and pieces left over from moving day; after an initial dive back under the covers to soak up any residual warmth I once again braved the upright position and as my feet become accustomed to the weight the pain is receding. And it is rather fun to have a goal - get everything out of the bedrooms and living room so Adrienne can come in and get busy on the carpets.

But back to my original thought, my feet are really paying the price this morning, as in 'no good deed goes unpunished!' Indeed. So as soon as the taxes are done I need to set back up my standing workstation and re-establish the habit of taking daily walks. Easily said with summer just around the corner, though it is still very wet out on this particular spring morning. I am looking forward to rambling walks with A, and being on my feet as much as possible. Enough lazying around already! While I am tired and sore and still hacking up dust, over all I know this whole reorganization project is, as my DD pointed out, good exercise for me.

I want to say back to the coal mines, but I have a feeling that is an insensitive and politically incorrect remark so I retract it. Instead I posit a demure, back to task at hand!

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